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SwissGolden Review Gold is still big, and Swissgolden is there to capture the market. They sell gold bars to the public in small amounts. They also have what they call their Marketing Program, which operates as a money-earning network marketing structure for those who are interested in getting involved. I dove a little deeper beyond what you see on the SwissGolden website, to see if the company seemed reputable, the product was a good one, and whether the Marketing Program seemed worthwhile. What I found might surprise you. Read on to find out more. SwissGolden, The Company One thing every network marketer likes to see is one of two things: A solid MLM company with proven track record and great reviews of their compensation plan (in other words, “a sure bet”). A brand new “kid on the block”, where they can get in fast and be one of the pioneers, thereby earning lots of income. What we don’t like to see is something that’s already been around for two years but still hasn’t made its mark either way. That’s exactly what SwissGolden is…from what I can tell, at least. Transparency? Forget About It! The powers that be at SwissGolden HQ don’t seem to believe in transparency. There’s hardly a thing about this company anywhere online, nor the founders. Completely shrouded in mystery, actually. Haven’t they read any recent marketing articles? Millennials, who will soon take over the world, are more concerned with who they work for rather than money or power. They want to work for a company they can believe in, who does good things, and whom they can be proud to work for. They don’t want to work for a company who won’t even give us one sentence on who they are, where they came from, or what experience they have running a network marketing business. That goes for the rest of us, too…who would want to partner up with this mystery company? Attention to Detail? Nope! Not only that, but two years and running and they haven’t found anyone to proofread their website! The thing is horribly written, and has the feel of some badly-translated Asian web copy designed to trick Japanese housewives into investing the family fortune in tiny gold bars. Sheesh, what SwissGolden doesn’t know about online marketing could fill a stadium! What About the Gold Bars? On a more positive note, the concept behind the SwissGolden product is admirable. Maybe the Millennials will feel a spark of interest when they find out SwissGolden is really trying to make gold purchases available to the little people. By “little people” I mean people with little bank accounts. You see, SwissGolden’s gold bars come in teensy sizes- 1 gram, for instance. Do You Know What 1 Gram of Gold Looks Like? A gram of gold looks like a micro small in fact that when they sell it to you, it has to be laminated on a credit card-like plastic mounting so it doesn’t get lost like a snowflake or a piece of confetti. They can be purchased in sizes from 1 gram to 100 grams. Some combos are a sheet of the gold 1-gram chips and others are actual gold bars. The gold itself comes from reputable European houses of gold, which apparently is important in the precious metals industry…you want to know that your gold is pure, of course. The SwissGolden Compensation Plan- How Does it Work? Join the SwissGolden Marketing Program and you can get compensated for selling gold to other people. How You Get Compensated Sell enough gold, and your own gold purchases are financed through commissions. Nope, you don’t get straight cash. Maybe this is a good time to mention that you can sell back your gold to SwissGolden at any time. The Verdict You have to sell a lot of gold to start earning commissions, so unless you’re prepared to “think big” on this, it may not be for you. In other words, unless you’ve dipped your toe in the MLM world before, this is not the place you want to be cutting your teeth. contact us to participate in this world of endless possibilities +2349031977536 WhatsApp and calss allowed

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